The Matriarch FAQ's

Is The Matriarch Pet friendly? 

We are passion about dogs here at The Matriarch, they are welcome in our olive garden and VIB room. Please advise your host to be sure you are seated in the right area.

Are you wheelchairs accessible?

Yes, we are.

Do you cater to any dietary requirements or allergies?

Please inform your waitperson of any dietary requirements. The matriarch menu is designed in awareness of the challenge of food allergy sufferers and go to every effort to meet your needs.

Who can I send a charity request to?

If you are raising funds for a local cause, please send email to and we can support where we can. We love to support our local community, Unfortunately duo to limited resources, we can't say yes to every causes we are invited to be part of.

Can I have a photoshoot at The Matriarch? 

We are glad you're in love with our sexy decor as mush as we are. Our beautiful garden is available outside of peak service hours, please send us an email if you're keen to stage a photoshoot here.

Please note any unapproved shoot will be asked to stop as our customer's experience always comes first.

Is there parking availability?

There is street parking available on Masters St. The closet carpark is Sercure carpark at Gaswork. 




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Event Spaces:

The Olive Garden

The VIB room

The Atrium